Energy Efficient

Whether you need assistance keeping morning and evening commutes glare-free or you want to make your residence or commercial space more energy efficient, window tinting can help. Our window tinting can be custom tailored around your unique aesthetic requirements. We offer a variety of film grades and tint colors in an effort to help you find the best window tinting match.

Anti-glare & Heat Resistant

During summertime, interior car temperatures can get uncomfortably hot, making your travel experience less than desirable. By the same token, untreated building windows can allow inside temperatures to get too warm for comfort. The solution for these seasonal nuisances? Window tinting services.

Stay Cool with Auto Glass Tinting from Alta Mere® of Spring TX

The hot summer months can mean some very uncomfortable times inside your vehicle. When it’s extremely hot, even the AC unit cannot keep up with keeping your car comfortable and cool. That’s where auto glass tinting from Alta Mere of Spring TX can really help.

Auto glass tinting has been proven to reduce interior temperatures while also protecting surfaces from fading or cracking. Furthermore, harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays are blocked by a good tint, protecting your skin from premature aging, cracking and even skin cancers.

Want a heightened level of privacy? A darker tint can block out prying eyes so that while you can easily see out, others will have trouble seeing in.

You can stay comfortable, protected and safe with auto glass tinting installed by our expert team at Alta Mere of Spring TX.

Common Questions about Auto Glass Tinting


Will tinting the windows of my vehicle inhibit vision?

ADarker auto glass tinting material can inhibit your vision at night, which is one reason most states have put laws in place permitting only certain window tints. Tinting material that provides a transmission of light of 35% or higher will generally not affect vision, day or night. For more specific information on auto glass tinting laws in Spring TX, contact us and we will be happy to discuss that further.

What causes window tinting to bubble?

ATinting can bubble because of UV ray damage and from an excessive buildup of heat affecting the adhesive system. With auto glass tinting from Alta Mere of Spring TX, you don’t have to worry about this issue. The high-temperature adhesive system from the manufacturers we work to ensure a long-term fit while blocking out 99% of UV rays. Because of this, we can proudly offer a manufacturer-backed guarantee against bubbling.