Alta Mere of Spring TX works with vehicle owners throughout the area to customize their car or truck through a variety of tint film options. Whether you are looking to create a custom look, keep your vehicle cool under the intense Texas sun, or add a layer of protection, the installation of tint film can help.

Reasons for Installing Tint Film

One of the most popular reasons vehicle owners turn to Alta Mere of Spring TX for window film is because of our commitment to superior installation and customer service. Even in the cooler winter months, the sun can heat up your car and make it uncomfortable. We all know that come July, your car’s interior can become unbearable after sitting outside for even a short time. Window tint film can help to limit the heat buildup in your car making it more comfortable.

Another advantage to window tint film installation is the protection it provides your car’s surfaces and your own skin. Dashboards, steering wheels and other interior surfaces often become faded due to the sun’s intense rays. Over time fading can become severe and cracking can even occur. Window tint film can help to minimize these concerns and keep your car looking its best. Window tint film can also help to protect your skin from damage caused by the sun.

At Alta Mere of Spring TX, we also know that tint film can help to protect the valuables left in your car. We’ve all left work supplies, new purchases or other items in our car while we run a quick errand. With tint film on your windows, you’ll be able to limit the visibility of those items from prying eyes.

Tint Film Options

We are proud to offer a wide range of tint film options at Alta Mere of Spring TX. Whether you are looking for just minimum darkening or our Ultra Dark tint film, we can help you find the right shade to meet all your needs, and stay within the guidelines established by the State of Texas.

At Alta Mere of Spring TX, we want our customers to be able to customize our services to fit their lifestyles. We offer several tint film packages to match your needs. Our EconoPlus tint film package is great for any car and any budget. This is the perfect starter option, providing our light shade and protection from high temperatures. It is backed by a three year warranty.

For customers wanting further reduced temperatures and more UV protection, our ProShield package may be the way to go. It comes with a lifetime warranty. Finally, for the highest quality window tint film that Alta Mere of Spring TX offers, there is SolarCeramic. This package provides a tint that blocks most heat and UV rays, while also giving you the option to choose a lighter shade. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Alta Mere Spring TX offers our auto tint films and many other aftermarket services to customers in Houston, The Woodlands, Tomball, and throughout the surrounding communities.

For more information on the many ways tint films from Alta Mere of Spring TX can enhance your vehicle and your lifestyle, call us today at (832) 823-2300.

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