When you live in the greater Houston area, you know how uncomfortable it can be to sit down in a hot, humid car. When your car’s been sitting in the middle of a parking lot, baking in the August sun, it can feel like your hopping into the sauna. At Alta Mere of Spring TX, we have the remote start systems you need to say “so long” to scalding leather seats and stuffy air. Our remote starts give drivers in Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, and Houston the perfect way to avoid overheated cars.

Cool Your Car with Remote Start Technology

With a remote start system installed by Alta Mere of Spring TX, it’s easy to start and cool your car remotely during hot weather. Even if you leave your car in direct sunlight, our remote start systems will allow you to start your car and switch on the A/C to ensure a crisp, cool, relaxing interior the minute you open your car door. Thanks to smartphone integration, you can start your car, lock or unlock its doors, and control its cooling systems — all from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else.

Secure Remote Start Systems

The remote start systems at Alta Mere of Spring TX allow you to cool your vehicle without compromising its security. Our remote start systems can be integrated with your car’s security system, allowing you to lock or unlock your vehicle through satellite technology.

Spring’s Source for Remote Starts

Alta Mere of Spring TX offers a wide range of remote start options for drivers in the north greater Houston area. Our remote start systems include a range of customizable options, allowing you to pick and choose the perfect system for your needs. You’ll be able to choose from a range of system options:

  • Ignition locks
  • Power trunk release
  • Illuminated entry
  • Two-step unlock
  • Remote window controls
  • Starter disable
  • Flashing parking lights
  • Headlight illumination

Our remote start systems are installed by the professional automotive outfitters at Alta Mere of Spring TX. Our installers are experienced auto installation experts who will ensure a seamless, professional installation of your remote start system. You’ll benefit from a one-year installation warranty on our work, with lifetime warranties available on certain systems.

Visit Alta Mere of Spring TX today to get started with a remote start system for your vehicle or call (832) 823-2300 for more information.