Wouldn’t it be nice if you could step into an already warm car in the winter or a cool one in the summer? Make that wish a reality with the extensive selection of car starter remote systems from Alta Mere of Spring TX. From our car starter remote add-ons to advanced security satellite systems, every system we carry is professionally installed in your vehicle by our expert staff.

Benefits of Remote Car Starter Installation

The benefits of a car starter remote are many and include:

  • Warm or cool your vehicle remotely without sacrificing security.
  • Secure car starter remotes from Alta Mere of Spring TX allow you to always travel in comfort, never climbing into a sauna or sitting down on icy-cold seats.
  • Our car starter systems are often paired with security systems in aftermarket installation, ensuring your vehicle can be started but remain locked until you unlock it.
  • When your hands are full, you don’t want to have to fumble with a key and lock. A remote car starter eliminates these hassles with easy remote locking and unlocking.
  • Communicate with your vehicle from your smartphone while sitting comfortably in your home. Our car starter remotes allow communication with your vehicle via satellite, locking or unlocking the vehicle and starting it remotely from your phone.

Remote Car Starter Options

The remote car starters available from Alta Mere of Spring TX come with a wide range options allowing you to customize your installation to meet a wide variety of needs. Choose from options that include:

  • 2 step unlock
  • Flashing parking lights
  • Headlight illumination
  • Ignition locks
  • Illuminated entry
  • Power trunk release
  • Remote window controls
  • Starter disable

When you choose Alta Mere of Spring TX, you can experience the freedom that comes with a car customized to meet your needs and lifestyle. Whether you want a basic car starter remote, or something that comes with all the bells-and-whistles, Alta Mere of Spring TX has a perfect, cutting-edge solution for you. Lifetime warranties are available on some models.

FAQs About Remote Car Starter Products

Can a remote car starter be installed on an older car?

Although some engines like carbureted models require special installation measures, most vehicles can have an aftermarket car starter seamlessly integrated.

Is a remote car starter safe?

Often paired with security systems in aftermarket installation, car starters work to provide users with optimal comfort, without compromising the security of your vehicle. Although this feature will start the car up, your vehicle will remain locked until you unlock it.

Experience the convenience, comfort and security of a car starter remote from Alta Mere of Spring TX. Call us today for more information at (832) 823-2300.