Alta Mere of Spring TX offers a wide range of car alarms for drivers in Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, and other communities in the north greater Houston area. As a vehicle owner, keeping your car safe is essential. With a quality, professionally installed alarm system, you can be confident in the security of your vehicle. Our car alarms will give you the confidence you need when leaving your vehicle unattended, helping prevent carjacking and theft of your vehicle and its contents.

Protect Your Vehicle with Our Car Alarms

Anytime you park your car for a long period of time, you turn your vehicle into a target for theft. Whether thieves are interested in your car itself or the valuables inside of it, leaving your vehicle unattended means that it’s vulnerable to break-in and robbery. With the car alarms and security systems offered by Alta Mere of Spring TX, you can make your car less susceptible to targeting by thieves and carjackers.

A car alarm from Alta Mere of Spring TX can…

  • Attract attention in the case of a break-in.
  • Startle thieves into leaving your vehicle alone.
  • Make breaking into your vehicle a longer, more difficult process.
  • Turn your car into an uninviting target for thieves.
  • Redirect thieves to other, less well protected vehicles.

Car Alarm Insurance Benefits

A car alarm from Alta Mere of Spring TX isn’t just a wise investment when it comes to protecting your vehicle against theft — it can also protect your wallet against high insurance rates. Depending on your neighborhood, your insurer, and the car alarm system you choose, a car alarm can save you between 5% and 25% on car insurance*.

Car Security from Alta Mere of Spring TX

In addition to our car alarms, Alta Mere of Spring TX also offers a range of additional car security options. Some of the most popular car security products we offer include:

  • Sensors for dual stage impact, magnetic shock, glass breakage, motion, and perimeter
  • Remote panic
  • Dual-vehicle capability
  • Ignition disable
  • Anti-scan technology
  • Backup battery with paging system

These systems can be installed along with our car alarms or independently. Speak with one of our auto outfitting experts about our car security options to find the right alarm or security system for your vehicle.

Visit Alta Mere of Spring TX today to find the right car alarm for your vehicle or call (832) 823-2300 for more information.

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