You want to be sure that your car and the items inside it are fully protected. But until recently, most car security systems could be touchy, ineffective, or unreliable. That’s why the team at Alta Mere® of Spring TX has invested in the latest car security technology, bringing the next generation of auto alarm systems to drivers in Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, and Houston.

These cutting-edge systems include a range of security features that set them apart from yesterday’s outdated auto alarm options. Whether you’re looking to control your security system from your smartphone, protect specific parts of your vehicle, or add functionality to your car, the auto alarms offered by Alta Mere of Spring TX bring modern technology to the world of vehicle security.

Modern Auto Alarms vs. Older Systems

Modern auto alarms, like those offered by Alta Mere of Spring TX, offer a range of benefits over older car security systems. Older systems tend have limited features and can be overly sensitive, going off at the slightest bump to your vehicle. What’s more, they tend to be siren-only systems. These offer limited protection and give you no way of knowing something’s happened to your vehicle when you’re out of earshot.

Today’s auto alarms solve these issues, offering a range of useful features like remote notifications that occur the instant your security system is triggered. When a modern car alarm goes off, you’ll receive a detailed report on what triggered the alarm. This report is sent directly to your alarm’s remote or to your smartphone.

Auto alarms from Alta Mere of Spring TX also offer increased accuracy, with sensors that can detect glass breakage, magnetic shocks, dual-stage impacts, and perimeter damage. These sensors reduce the risk of false alarms and ensure you receive detailed information on any security event.

Finally, modern car security systems offer features that make your vehicle safer and more functional. While old systems could only startle carjackers by siren, the current generation of auto alarms from Alta Mere of Spring TX include ignition disable. Car security systems with ignition disable will prevent your vehicle’s engine from turning on after a break-in, stopping carjackers in their tracks. Systems also come with features like remote panic, trunk release, and remote start capabilities, boosting your vehicle’s functionality.

Spring’s Source for Auto Alarm Systems

When you choose Alta Mere of Spring TX for your new auto alarm, you’ll be able to choose from a full range of next generation security systems. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to walk you through all the brands and systems that we offer and detail the features of each. Best of all, as Spring’s trusted automotive outfitters, we promise a quick and seamless auto alarm installation, making it easy to give your car the protection it deserves.

Visit Alta Mere of Spring TX today or call (832) 823-2300 to learn more about our auto alarm options.