Whether you’re making a turn, changing lanes, or simply trying to keep aware of nearby traffic, your blind spots make it tough to spot and identify other cars and obstacles. At Alta Mere® of Spring TX, we make it easier to spot those cars and obstacles thanks to our line of blind spot indicators. Our blind spot indicators are installed seamlessly into your vehicle’s side-view mirrors, letting you know when other vehicles or objects are in your car’s blind spot. This way, you’re more aware of what’s around you, giving you peace of mind whenever you’re in the driver’s seat.

How Blind Spot Indicators Work

Blind spot indicators from Alta Mere of Spring TX act like a second set of eyes for your car. During installation, we install two motion sensors on your vehicle’s side-view mirrors. These motion sensors are mounted on the edge of your mirrors and are pointed directly at your vehicle’s blind spots. When an object is in one of your blind spots, this will activate the motion sensor on that side of the car. Once that sensor is activated, a symbol will light up in your side-view mirror, alerting you about that object’s presence.

Benefits of Blind Spot Indicators

The benefits of a blind spot indicator installation at Alta Mere of Spring TX are clear: with better awareness of your blind spots, you can keep yourself and your passengers safer when you’re on the road. Blind spot indicators make it easier to keep track of your blind spots no matter the type, make, or model of your vehicle. Indicators can be especially useful if you drive a vehicle with large blind spots, like an SUV or truck.

Parents with young children also appreciate blind spot indicators from Alta Mere of Spring TX. Our indicators make it easier for drivers to stay aware of their surroundings in the face of distractions — like when the kids keep asking “Are we there yet?”

Spring’s Trusted Automotive Outfitters

When you come to Alta Mere of Spring TX for a blind spot indicator installation, you’ll have the assurance of quality — from the system itself down to its installation. As the trusted automotive outfitters for drivers in Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball, and the rest of the Greater Houston Area, we take pride in the quality of our products and our workmanship. Our team will ensure a seamless installation for your vehicle and can guide you through your options when you’re picking a blind spot indicator system.

Call Alta Mere of Spring TX today at (832) 823-2300 or visit us in person for more information on our blind spot indicator systems.