Getting into your car after it has been sitting under the hot sun can feel like climbing into a sauna. Even your AC unit can have trouble cooling things down. Auto tinting from Alta Mere of Spring TX can keep you cool, comfortable and safe. Auto tint has proven effective in reducing interior surface temperatures, protecting against cracking and fading, and providing protection from harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays.

Our 3-Step Auto Tinting Process

Alta Mere of Spring TX uses a 3-step process in our auto tinting services. First, choose your auto glass tinting materials, then select a shade and finally pick any extras you would like to add on.


Step 1: Pick Your Auto Tinting Package

Choose from our three auto tint package options.

  • EconoPlus – This auto tint package is great for any car and offers a budget friendly option for our Spring TX area customers. EconoPlus is the perfect starter option, providing our light shade and protection from high temperatures. It is backed by a three year warranty.
  • ProShield – This package takes your UV protection to the next level and also greatly reduces the interior temperatures in your vehicle. It is backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • SolarCeramic – This package includes the highest quality in window tinting that blocks out the most heat and harmful UV rays. You can also choose a lighter shade with SolarCeramic. It is also backed by a lifetime warranty.


Step 2: Pick Your Auto Tinting Shade

Once you have decided on your package, it’s time to select a shade. Alta Mere of Spring TX offers four auto tint shades to our customers. Choose from:

  • Light (50% opacity)
  • Medium (35% opacity)
  • Dark (20% opacity)
  • Ultra Dark (5% opacity)


Step 3: Customize Your Auto Glass Tinting

The final step in your auto tint journey with Alta Mere of Spring TX is customization through our many outstanding extras on offer. These include:

  • A windshield strip to protect your eyes in direct sunlight and reduce glare.
  • Our no fault warranty covers any small nicks, tears, or scratches so you can breathe easier. This includes tint replacement if your whole window is broken out.
  • An express roll down option which allows you to immediately roll your windows down as soon as you leave.




SolarCeramic auto window tinting is designed for maximum heat & UV ray reduction in your vehicle. It gives Alta Mere customers the ability to choose a lighter shade, without having to give up heat reduction.



ProShield auto window tinting adds an element of comfort and elegance to any vehicle, significantly reducing UV ray damage and lowering interior temperatures in your car to keep you and your passenger cool and comfortable.



EconoPlus is the perfect auto window tinting addition to any car, for any budget. This tinting package is a great starter option and offers basic shade and relief from high temps. 


5% Opacity


20% Opacity


35% Opacity


50% Opacity




Tired of squinting while driving into direct sunlight?  This add-on will eliminate the glare.


Don’t want to wait to roll your windows down? This add-on will allow you to roll them down as soon as you leave


This warranty covers all of life’s little accidents: scratches, tears, nicks, and event tint replacement if your window is broken out.

More Reasons to Choose Auto Glass Tinting from Alta Mere of Spring, TX

While you may not think about it, your skin is exposed to the same UV rays in your car as when you are lying on the beach or hiking outside. The effects of these rays are cumulative and can age and crack your skin or even cause skin cancers. Just as you would lather your skin with sunscreen while outside, protect yourself while in your vehicle with glass tinting. Alta Mere of Spring, TX can provide auto tints that block out up to 99% of UV rays.

Our many auto glass tints at Alta Mere of Spring, TX are all custom-fit using our state-of-the-art computerized film cutting process. Whether you want an invisible window film or a stylish shade of color or darker shade to increase privacy and deter theft– our experienced team has you covered.

Experience the many benefits of auto tint when you call Alta Mere of Spring, TX at (832) 823-2300.