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Tint my windshield…are you nuts?

Now that the summer “I can’t believe I continue to live in a climate like this!” heat has fully set in many people are turning to Alta Mere for relief.  Tinting your side and back windows with a high-quality window film will greatly reduce the heat and discomfort you feel in your car on days like today.  But is that enough? In a climate like ours, is that all you can do?

On my 2014 Toyota Tundra double-cab pickup, (like most cars today), over 40% of the entire glass surface is made up by the windshield!  And think about where you feel the most heat now that you’ve had your other windows tinted…it’s all on your face, the dash, your steering wheel, that pair of sunglasses you left on the dash.   But you can’t tint your windshield…can you?

Yes you can!

Introducing Alta Block, a virtually clear film that accomplished two things, it blocks 99% of cancer-causing UV rays, and greatly reduces the amount of heat that passes through your windshield to keep you cooler.   And it’s 100% compliant with requirements within the State of Texas.  It’s truly the next evolution of window films, and will allow you to treat your entire vehicle, not just 60% of it.  And in our climate…that extra 40% can make all the difference!

Call Alta Mere of Spring, TX at (832) 823-2300, visit our website at AltaMereSpring.com, email us at Info@altamere-spring.com, or come by 7135 Louetta in Spring. (We’re on Louetta, just east of Steubner-Airline)

Let the friendly folks at Alta Mere show you this fantastic film.  I promise you, you’ll be glad you did!

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