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I realize going out every morning having to scrape the ice off your windows, wait for them to defrost, then sit inside an ice cube until the heater kicks on is no way to start the day. To those for whom this has become a daily ritual in winter, installing a remote start system is a real no-brainer, and guarantees them a warm, completely defrosted car every morning.

warm-summer-remote-houstonBut what about in hot climates, like Houston?

Remember the last time you slid into a boiling-hot car, then reached out and grabbed a scorching steering wheel? How about when you tried to put on some screaming-hot sunglasses, only to burn your ears and nose? Not fun, right?

Remote start systems are just as much a necessity in a hot climate like Houston as they are in colder climates, and they will ensure you never have to experience heat like this again. Beat the HEAT this year, choose Alta Mere, where we can install a remote start system in most cars for as little as $99* (Some additional equipment may be necessary depending on the vehicle. See store for details.)

Call us today at (832) 823-2300, or visit to make an appointment. The choice is clear, choose Alta Mere!

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